About us - Young European Movement
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Young European Movement UK (YEM UK) is Britain’s pro-European youth organisation, open for all those under age 35. We are committed to ensuring that the UK stays in the European family. It’s not a short-term mission, but a long-term one.


We believe Brexit is bad for the UK and for Europe as a whole, and we want the people to have a say on the Brexit deal to be presented to the Parliament. However, whatever happens about Brexit, the mission is not over. Far into the future, YEM UK will consistently make the case for European unity to ensure that Britain’s sad recent history won’t repeat itself. YEM works to ensure that Brits see the value of the European project. It’s not only that Brexit would be bad for Britain; EU membership is good for the United Kingdom.

Not only does YEM want the UK to be in the European Union; it also wants to make the EU work better. We believe that EU leadership at the European Commission should be elected. We believe that the common market needs to be completed, and that the EU should better support its member states’ efforts to provide social protection. We believe that a united European voice is stronger in global affairs than any one European country’s voice can be. That, and a lot more!

Agree with us? Join us here!

YEM is the British section of the Young European Federalists (JEF-Europe), and the youth movement affiliated with European Movement UK. That means that as a YEM member, you’re entitled to membership of our sister organisations all across Europe. You will also enjoy member-exclusive opportunities from the European Movement!

What we do

We do activism. Street stalls, rallies and marches, you name it. For example, our Edinburgh branch has done a March for Europe every few months for a couple of years already!

We provide a community. Twinnings with our sister branches from across Europe are one concrete way to make young people feel European. We’ve had international seminars, comic book workshops and just ordinary city visits with our fellow JEF branches. Here’s JEF-Paris visiting our London branch!

And of course, we advocate for pro-European policies, and we distribute information about what’s happening in Europe. We write to MPs, we draft resolutions as a part of JEF-Europe’s Political Commissions, and we regularly organise discussion nights about Europe-themed topics.