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The YEM UK National Board is on hand to answer any queries you may have and help you out. Take a look at who is the best person to contact for the issue you have.


Speak to our President, Juuso Järvinemi, for general enquiries and official statements.

Communications Officer:

Contact Eoin Burgin, our Communications Officer, with questions or suggestions regarding social media, our website, graphics, infographics, animated videos the monthly newsletter and webzine, The New Federalist.

Local Branch Officers:

Drop James or Ella an email to find out more about getting involved, maintaining a section and organising events.

International Officer

Logan Robin is your International Officer! He has all the answers to your questions about JEF Europe, international seminars and cooperation with our continental friends.


Contact for questions relating to finances and membership.

Europe@School Coordinator

Contact our Europe@School Officer for any enquiries about our European education programme!

For general enquiries please e-mail:

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Julia Manzarari
commented 2019-02-02 16:07:24 +0000
Angus, you come from Mars! I come from Venus!
Angus McCrabbtree
commented 2019-02-02 16:03:51 +0000
Grow up! The referendum was lost. Thatcher meant something different by those “Europe or Bust” t-shirts. And, anyway, that was decades ago. Hardly anyone remembers. And, few have been reminded in the past few years. Who is Thatcher anyway any more? Young people wouldn’t recognise Tony Blair let alone Margaret Thatcher. As for Sting, when’s the last time he produced a music track? Barely anyone remembers him. As for Ibiza, it wasn’t even mentioned in the Brexit debate. Neither were the other 18-30 resorts. Most people avoid them. Why wind up the club-lovers? Stop with the propaganda. Let’s just move on.

The children don’t need to see this. #CatholicsForEurope #ChristiansForEurope #BaptistsForEurope sure. But let’s focus on avoiding religious warfare and seeing the bigger picture. Does God want the godless Chinese on Mars before Christians, Muslims and Jews?
Paul Horation
commented 2019-02-02 15:41:58 +0000
Well. It wouldn’t be “drill” or Ed Sheeran. But a Euro-trance “Fields of gold” could work. So could “Burn” . So could Sabrina. But you need artists. And, Geraldine, just watch (they do – and tourist boards don’t just hire #ThePianoGuys – great though “The Piano Guys” are):
Geraldine Fortescue-Smythe
commented 2019-02-02 15:24:19 +0000
There is a long history of this “stuff” . She’s not “the Easty Girls” (ref. beastie boys?), but “Summer time love” Sabrina appeared to play this game too on an old channel 4 show: eurotrash. But do males (“and some females”) still, really, get distracted by scantily-clad women? And, really, is Europa (a woman) really best represented like this? Imagine Britannia in her bikini on a 50p piece! really! Anyway, flashback to the Europe-loving 90s, just so you know what kind of thing you are “asking for”/“missing” (if it really is what you) :
Humphrey Gaulderton
commented 2019-02-02 14:38:04 +0000
“”tweet-url hashtag" href=“” rel=“nofollow” title=“#MakingYourMindUp”>#MakingYourMindUp?" . I don’t quite understand what you are all talking about? A fashion photo-shoot? A YouTube music video? A viral meme? A TV and social media advert for a clothing brand? A luxury goods advert for which market segment? What? I get the stripping things down thing: it worked for #BucksFizz (even if that was, like, more than 30 years ago!). As for #Christians who find women attractive and aesthetic, but love God more, I get that: the women probably love God more than the men too: He won’t get old in the same way. I get the #KeepThatchersPromise thing: if not Europe then bust! #Funny #EuropeOrBust but really!? Who will fund all this? crowd funding? Patreon? Kickstarter? Who is the entrepreneur? Who cares enough and sees the “vision thing” ? What kind of Europe are you selling: beautiful free women running through fields of barley, and on beaches, in national+EU flag bikinis? Or ending up like that after a Bucks Fizz style strip routine from those Thatcher-era “Europe or Bust” t-shirts? What is that image? Where are they running from? Where to? Think it through. Please.
Julia Manzarari
commented 2019-02-02 13:19:19 +0000
It’s not wicked! It’s wonderful! Forget German prostitutes, what about Berlusconi’s parties?! This is +++nothing+++! Fields of barley! No problems! Italian or British downstairs? Have to see! European up top! Yes! Yes! Yes! I can see News core’s “Sun” and it’s jealous “Sky” getting quite worked up over the right kind of ladies doing this? Three generations of Europeans for each country? Who is going to stich up / print the bikinis? What about who is going to find the girls (20s, 30s, 70s,…). Hey! Maybe more than three generations! It’s been over 45 years since 1973! Hah! Maybe Berlusconi could buy an indulgence with this: keep it clean! #CatholicsForEurope #OutCummingsCummings
Jess Cheltenham
commented 2019-02-02 13:11:45 +0000
Wicked cool! But don’t leave out #CatholicsForEurope. Who is going to make these bikinis? My Italian-Mancunian mates’ll love them. Not exactly a German multi-national hiring prostitutes to reward sales teams is it? Just a bit of #Sting music is a field and beautiful women looking beautiful in their countries’ colors! #StitchUpEurope #OutCummingsCummings
Millie Empscombe
commented 2019-02-02 11:32:56 +0000
Cool! Let’s be free and everything! But I don’t want to think about what Thatcher and her friends had under their Tees back in the 1970s! Those days were “burn your bras” days. Ellie Goulding: “We don’t want to leave; we just want to be right now!”; but… not burn bras guys! Wear them! Or bikinis! And maybe a bit of Pentecostal fire? #OutCummingsCummings? Let’s do some “Salt and Light” : let’s get Christianity moving! Enjoying the look of our bodies is fine as long as it’s not idol-a-tory and God comes first! All that Europhilia was God not coming first! #ChrsitianEurope #ChristiansForEurope #BaptistsForEurope #HolyFire #EllieGoulding
Jamie Webb
commented 2019-02-02 08:27:14 +0000
There’s some kind of common theme around the “knickers”: check what the French wanted from the UK when the UK joined in 1973 (cue James Blunt / “Life on Mars”):
George Ros
commented 2019-02-01 18:41:48 +0000
England expects! But we all know it was Jessie Pope who got every man to feel that fervour! Women won that war; so… look how the English do it when there’s footie on (and think, those bra-tops with an EU circle of stars on each breast, will surely sell in M&S and beyond…#HeartEU #LuvEU) …
George Ros
commented 2019-02-01 17:45:54 +0000
Euro bra. Euro bikini. I see you have a clothes shop. Let’s get on point. Dominic Cummings won with hearts and souls. Let’s talk beaches. Let’s also talk female votes and #MeToo in the post-truth era. Time for post-post-truth. The majority of males like females. Some females like females too. They find their bodies attractive. That’s a biological urge. It’s hard to beat. Now. Thatcher’s club promised “Europe or bust” in their famous, winning, 1975 campaign. Let’s not lie. Sid James had only one thing in mind when he heard or read the word bust; it wasn’t about economics. So, those Eurostars in a circle covering each Euro-milk-quota-producing breast. Let’s not be shy girls. As for the assets downstairs (the place Freud thinks every man and woman longs to return to: the place that babies come from), let’s have a national flag on that. That’s it chaps: 27 (28 even!) national flag-based pairs of undies and only one design for the top half. Tip top cooperation in a style the British tabloids… Well… you can see the Sun with its jealous eyes as they walk in fields of gold (wheat and corn fields of course)… all those European “lovelies”: mainly with great degrees, PhDs, top jobs, young and old, being free, being together, being true to their home nations, being true to Europe,… like a Lynx advert… #OutCummingsCummings