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Then there are two forms we ask you to complete:

1) For Membership - This is used to hold your information in this website so that we can contact you.

Please, please do this first!  As much as it's essential for us to know more about you! 

2) For payment - This is for your Membership fee, the links for which are shown below.

Yes, we'd like to integrate it and we're working on it- but for now please bear with us!


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Excellent! Please have your bank details ready and click on the link to go to our GoCardless payment forms:

Not sure? All payments should go through to [email protected] shown at the bottom of the payment page.

Before you click you want to know more?

Why are you using GoCardless for membership payments?

We know it's not always ideal (trust us, we'd have you join via PayM/Pingit/payment to mobile number or the like!) but our main way of joining is to setup a Direct Debit with your bank account.  This ensures that you're covered by the Direct Debit Guarantee and that we pay the lowest fees that we can (you can see what GoCardless charge us here).  Doing this also means that if you need to change bank account you shouldn't need to worry- Direct Debits are usually automatically transferred over.

The benefit of using GoCardless is that we never have your bank details so there's far less risk and it's easier than setting up a Standing Order (where you need to contact your bank and setup a regular payment manually).

Not sure? All payments should go through to [email protected] shown at the bottom of the payment page.

What about PayPal or if I want to pay by Debit or Credit Card?

Some YEM Members have also joined us through PayPal or made a donation using PayPal.  As noted above we have tended to avoid this due to the higher fees charged (you can see what PayPal charge here).  We are no longer actively offering this, however if you do want to join via PayPal the links below will allow you to login to your PayPal account and set an annual payment.  The options are:

Not sure? All payments should go through to [email protected] 


Your data is as important to us as it is to you.  

Who will we share your details with?

As a Member of the Young European Movement, UK (YEM) you are also members of:

a) YEM Branches - If you've joined us at a national level we may pass your data to your local YEM branch- this will often, but not always, be linked to a University or an area.  University branches are normally part of the student union and so may be required to meet any requirements that they have put in place.

b) JEF-Europe - We're the UK section of the Young European Federalists.  Together we campaign across Europe to shape the future that  we as young people want.  In the past that included helping to insure that the UK was represented in the European Union.  Of course that work will still continue through the other trans-European bodies.

c) European Movement, UK - We're the youth wing of the European Movement in the UK.  They, like us, run local branches that you may be interested in getting involved in and you'll see emails sometimes from them as some of our records are held jointly in their membership database system.

So we will share your details with those above.  To do this your data may be processed primarily in the UK, European Union or USA depending on the service provider we are using.  We will seek to ensure that they look after your data in accordance both with UK law and applicable laws in their jurisdiction.

Other third parties

There are limited occasions that we will share your details with other third parties.

1) The running of the organisation - For example we have used services such as MailChimp to run our mailing lists.

2) For specific activities - This will normally be where you've applied to be a participant, such as a seminar with a partner organisation.

3) Young European Movement Ltd - This one's listed as a technicality- as an organisation we've formed a company as a legal entity.

In all cases we will do our best to ensure that your data is not used for commercial purposes.