Find here an overview of our current key projects, and links to their project pages with more information about what they are and how you can get involved!


Brexit Reality Portraits

Through video and audio interviews, Brexit Reality Portraits (BRP) aims to showcase the true impact of Brexit to people across the UK and the European Union. Read more ⟶


WSEP.pngCampaigning for Erasmus+

The Erasmus+ Programme is an incredible opportunity for young people across the Europe. We believe that the UK Government's decision to leave it, despite promises to the contrary, is mistaken, and we are calling for the UK to rejoin the scheme. Read more ⟶


Democracy Under Pressure

Those who set out to establish what would become today's European Union were clear in their belief that it would be a means of maintaining peace across the continent, with democracy at its heart. We share this belief and want to raise awareness about the weakening of such democratic values within Europe. Read more ⟶