The Young European Movement UK is Britain's leading pro-European youth organisation, open to all those aged under 35. We are committed to promoting European values and culture across the UK and ensuring that we stay closely linked to the rest of Europe.

People holding EU flagsAlthough the United Kingdom has sadly left the European Union, our relationship with the EU remains important and so our work continues. We continue to maintain a connection with the EU, to make a case for the European project, and emphasise the UK's role on the continent.

Part of our mission is also to work towards improving the EU. Whilst we believe Brexit was a tragic mistake, we feel it also reflects shortcomings of the European Union itself. We believe that EU leadership at the European Commission should be directly elected. We believe that the common market needs to be completed, and that the EU should better support its member states’ efforts to provide social protection. We believe that a united European voice is stronger in global affairs than any one European country’s voice can be.

In line with this, we carry out activism for campaigns that we believe in. We advocate for policies to make Europe stronger and more democratic. And we provide a community for like-minded individuals to meet each other and learn about new ideas and perspectives — and work together to create a better Europe.

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Our organisation

Our parent organisations are the European Movement (EM) and JEF Europe. EM promotes the European project across the UK, and we operate as its youth section, open to all those aged under 35. JEF is an umbrella group for similar movements across Europe: it has national sections in more than 30 countries across Europe, and we are its UK one. Through JEF, we work closely with our European counterparts, organising exchanges and joint events, and our members have access to JEF's countless events including seminars, campaign tours, trips, workshops, and other international projects.

Within the UK, we have a number of local branches, including university societies.

We rely upon membership fees and donations to do our work. Those who become full members receive:

  • full access to exclusive events and training opportunities;
  • the right to stand and vote in elections to our national board and to their local branch; and
  • full membership of our parent organisations, the EM and JEF Europe.

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