Meet the team

The Board

The YEM UK Board is elected by our members annually, and oversees the administration of our organisation, co-ordinates campaigns, maintains partnerships with other organisations, and supports our branches. If you'd like to stand for election to the Board, sign up for a membership here.



Julius Lajtha

pres[email protected]

Julius has been a fighter for the European cause since the age of 15 on various fronts and with various organisations. Austrian-born, with roots in Germany and Hungary and studying Politics, IR, and law in Aberdeen, he feels strongly European and wants to spread that feeling to many more young people in the country with YEM UK.

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International Officer

Alexiane Terrochaire-Barbançon

internationa[email protected]

Alexiane originates from France and is studying European Affairs at the LSE. Also the President of YEM London, her top priority is to reconnect YEM to our European counterparts. Alexiane loves cats, and is always up for a nice coffee session to discuss Europe or life in general!




Martin Penov

treas[email protected]

Martin is studying Politics and IR at the University of Manchester, where he has participated in numerous demonstrations and campaigns and taken an active part in the university's numerous international communities. Politically-minded from a young age, he is dedicated to preserving European values, both in his native Bulgaria and in a post-Brexit UK.

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Communications Officer

Adam Langworthy

co[email protected]

Adam studies Natural Sciences at Durham, where he previously lead his local branch, and which he has also served as secretary and treasurer. He is strongly European both in heart and mind, and he is eager to help YEM promote its values across the UK.


Our team

The Board's work is supported by other members of YEM UK - if you'd like to get involved, contact us at [email protected] or fill in this form!


Youth Engagement Manager

Eoin Burgin

[email protected]

YEM UK's only full-time staff member, Eoin is supports the Board and welcomes new members. Originally from Manchester but now living in Edinburgh, Eoin is a passionate believer in international solidarity and the inclusion of young people in political debates. When he isn't frowning as he reads The Guardian, Eoin can be found at the pub or taking photos.

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Policy Officer

Helmi Pillai

Helmi is studying for a postgraduate degree at Sciences Po and LSE, specialising in the foreign policy of the European Union. Finnish by nationality but European at heart, Helmi is deeply passionate about the EU.



Communications Administrator

Alexander Stennings

Alexander originates from the UK and is still lives in Kent. He studied at Postgraduate level -International Politics at the University of Kent. A passionate European who joined the European movement not after the Brexit referendum and has got involved in YEM in order to continue to promote European ideals and values.

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